Sunday, July 1, 2007


No two pieces are identical.

The first collection of jewelry offered by Sze Accessories is intrinsically crafted by hand, forming a unique masterpiece. Started by Malaysian-born owner Sze Yoong in 2007, Sze Accessories came to life after years of making her own jewelry. This decision to start a collection of accessories was born out of her love for accessories, as well as a deep desire to create a collection so completely different to what she has seen in the marketplace.

There are no fix rules when it comes to creating your own style. Sze is redefining the individuality of each personality through an outward embellishment of every unique piece. It is a complete collection of sophisticated dangly earrings, slinky necklaces, luxe bracelets, beaded rings, funky bag jewelry, simple handphone accessories and key chains that fuses color and design, allowing infinite possibilities of style.

Behind each masterpiece, much care and thought is placed into process of selection,design and workmanship. These are the underlying fundamentals that make Sze a desire amongst women of all ages.

Selection - Careful selection of silver, beads, charms, semi-precious stones, coloured crystals, gems and ornaments gives birth to each unique piece. Each item & trinket is personally hand-picked by the designer after scouring jewelry suppliers, thrift shops and flea markets from around the world - UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India and of course, her homeland of deep cultural heritage, Malaysia.

Design - Indigenous influences and contemporary touch, compliment with latest fashion trends, style and modernity are the reflections of each piece. A fusion of classic and stylish designs that will charm and inspire modern women. At the core, all products are made with utmost thoughts to bring beauty and sense of pride to the owner.

Workmanship – It is important to have the highest grade of findings to complement the selected item & trinkets for each piece. Meticulously placed together by hand, most pieces take hours to complete. Once completed, each piece is thoroughly checked again to ensure its perfection for quality assurance. Subtle variations in each pieces of accessory are part of the overall aesthetics to be expected.

Sze Yoong has focused much of her attention on creating jewelry that allows women to be fashion forward while still remaining timeless and elegant while shaping a fashion identity.
The diversity and different varieties are expressions of her latest fixation towards the culture, nature and designs from excursions around the world. Combined with the love for patterns, ornaments and art, is the perfectionism that makes this piece a rare masterpiece to own and treasure.

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