Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jewelry Care

If used on a daily basis, jewelry pieces can tarnish and become dull because it comes into contact your skin and natural body oil. Therefore it is best that:

• All jewelry is stored separately.

• Gold and silver are not stored together.

• If it needs to be cleaned, use a gentle hand soap with warm water. Rinse and pat dry. Make sure every piece of finding is dry to prevent rust.

• Clean silver regularly with a silver cleanser in liquid or cream form using a soft silver polishing cloth.

• If the necklace has stones, use a soft polishing cloth to wipe off. Whenever possible, store your jewelry with gems in a dark place. Certain gems are known to undergo natural light bleaching over time with exposure to light.

• Silver oxidizes on contact with water, air strong lightings and other chemicals. Sea water, bleach and chlorine can also cause oxidization.

• It is natural for all metals to oxidize with exposure to air. To ensure that your jewelry stays bright for a longer time, please keep it in an air-tight bag or in our pouches. Wrap jewelry in anti-tarnish tissue paper.

• In the case that your jewelry tarnishes,. we recommend a polishing cloth for sterling silver or gold filled items. Please DO NOT use solvents or harsh chemicals.

• The general rule of thumb for putting on jewelry is to always put it on absolutely last. Direct exposure to hair-styling products, and the alcohol in perfume will often damage not only the metal, but the gems as well. Never spray your perfume over your jewelry! Perfume first, jewelry second.

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