Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 2012 Pre-Orders

What a year! But it's almost coming to an end. Highlights this year for me include starting a new business ( and celebrating my daughter's first birthday! And this will be our second Christmas together with her. What a blessing!

And to think.... Christmas is so near! It's unbelievable how time flies. So, here's one last final pre-order for the year on our Facebook page. It is happening right now (closing tomorrow 13th December 2012, Thursday). So, do send in your orders asap before our buyers head back to Malaysia so as not to miss out on these gorgeous Gossip Girl inspired pieces.

Story is, I've been psyching myself to do some exercise. And the biggest motivation is being able to catch up on GG series on my iPad while auto-piloting on the elliptical machine. And I've always loved how Serena and Lily deck up in accessories all the time (even for brunch!). Hence, this pre-order collection! But since I've been compiling this, I haven't had the chance to hit the gym. *winks* Maybe it'd be a good new year resolution to "make" (and hopefully "keep").

Above: A Christmasy red pair of earrings for Christmas brunch perhaps? Check it out on our Sze Accessories Facebook page.
Above: A tinsel pair of green diamante earrings for pre-dinner champagne meets.
Above: A chunky black and gold faux leather bracelet to add some spunk into your sleek dinner gown.

To Order
Just cut and paste the links of the picture of the jewellery piece that you like into a FB message to Sze Accessories. Or e-mail us at

Purchase above RM180: Free Delivery.

Purchase below RM180: Delivery RM7/ USD2 Peninsular Malaysia and RM12/ USD4 East Malaysia.

Payment Methods
Sze Accessories Maybank Account 5141 9634 1301 to

Info Needed
Do provide us with your name, full mailing address and mobile contact number. As we use a door-to-door courier service, do make sure that there is someone at the mailing address to sign-off as proof of receiving the parcel.

Happy holidays! Have a blessed Christmas! And a great start to a New Year!
-Sze Yoong-

Friday, September 28, 2012

Overdue Update!

Hello! You must be wondering why we've been so quiet. So, here's me, dropping a note after I've been in the hum-dum since Feb 2012. Baby is finally one-over which means more freedom for mummy to tote-r overseas for her sourcing galore. It feels like ages since I've done this but I can't deny that it feels really good! Just like my husband's sense of freedom on the greens while golfing on the weekends (when I allow him too). *winks*

Kaleidoscope, Publika
That saying, we have not been entirely out-of-business. We had our corner in Kaleidoscope, Publika which we are giving up by the end of October 2012 to focus on "other businesses" (will get back to this in a later update). For the month of October,  I've mentioned to the owner to do a Clearance of our stocks- 50% off.

Online Zalora
On the other hand, Sze Accessories was also available at Zalora.Com with pretty encouraging sales numbers from one month to another. And hence, we'll be continuing our online sales there. For online shopping enthusiast who have not been able to shop on our official website, head over to Zalora weekly as our stocks run out like hot cakes. In fact, we just sent over some new stocks that should be up by next week.

Above: Sze Accessories' Gold Collar Necklace that was available on Zalora, featured in Malaysian Women's Weekly, September 2012 issue.

Little Chamber and Reebonz
Again, because I have more time on my hands (or off my hands) we've also reverted to consigning to Little Chamber and Reebonz in Kota Damansara on the "Lui Yan Kai" (translated to Women's Shopping Lane) row of shops. Yes, there are that many popular boutiques there now, making them deserving of the title. This form of consignment gives you an option to see the goods for yourself.

Tomorrow will be my first sourcing trip overseas since baby came about. Both a bit excited and uncertain about what I will find. I sure hope it won't be disappointing. And this is primarily what I wanted to brief you about. I'll be loading pre-order stocks on our Facebook Album so that you can let me know if any of the pieces interest you. For that, I'll be giving away 30% on all pre-ordered items. But it will be for ONE DAY ONLY. I'll load the pictures by Sunday 20th Sept and you'll have to PM (Private Message) me on FB with your list of items that day itself. You can also e-mail me at cc: Delivery stands at RM10 for 1-5 items but for any purchase more than RM100, delivery is FOC.

Media Highlights
Here's a feature of baby and I. It's was for their Mother's Day issue in May 2012 but I thought that some of you might not be on our Facebook page and might not have seen it. A little glimpse of my other life as a mother. She walks now. Can't wait till she talks!

Above: Style Magazine features my precious little girl and I. She has truly grown and is not "that" tiny anymore. She's pulling my heart strings with her utters of "ma-ma" but has doubled her mess and mischief.

I really can't wait to hear from some of you. I've totally missed some regulars that use to e-mail me on a monthly basis. If you have found some other love, I'm a firm believer of the Prodigal's Son. So, please write-in to even if it's to say hi. But do cc me at because I heard that our mailbox is on strike.

Till then have a great weekend ahead. I can't wait! :DDD


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seventeen Malaysia February 2012

Sze Atelier's Swarovski collection of handmade jewellery hits the newstands in Seventeen magazine's latest February 2012 issue. A colourful array of shapes and designs published in Malaysia's teen fashion magazine showcases our latest handmade items. 

Read more about our Sze Atelier range in our previous blogs and find out how you can custom-make the pieces in the below advertorial to your liking. It is the best that we can do to provide a semi-bespoke service to customers who want personalized pieces to suit their individual styles. 

The colours and designs are carefully thought out to compliment current fashion trends but at the same time remain classic for the long run. In this way, the Atelier collection is versatile and flexible to wear. See how we derive our inspiration and put together moodboards to combine into what makes the Sze Atelier collection.

Above: Seventeen Malaysia February 2012 cover.

Above: Sze Atelier featured in Seventeen magazine. A collection of handmade accessories crafted using Swarovski crystals. Dangle earrings made from shiny Swarovski crystals makes this range a real sparkling splendour of glamorous desiree.

Sze Atelier Swarovski Collection

Sze Atelier, our Swarovski collection derives its inspiration from fashion's current style and colours. Below are some moodboards of IT bags, clothes, celebrities, Pantone colours, highstreet and luxury brands that helped bring this collection together.

If you're looking at accessories to match your prom dress, bridesmaids or wedding gown, pick a design below and get it custom-made in the colour of your choice. The process should take within a week to two depending on availability of the crystal beads. However, if you are in a hurry, ready stocks (as per pictures shown) are available at request.

Email us at for any inquiries. Ready-to-wear pieces are also available at Kaleidoscope @ Publika Shopping Gallery, G3-37, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

View additional pictures on our Sze Accessories Facebook page or visit our Sze Accessories Website for the full collection.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sze Atelier: Black and White Inspired

As mentioned in our last post on our latest Sze Atelier Collection, we've designed some pieces of jewellery made from Swarovski crystals that allows our customers to custom-make them in the shades that they want.

We also mentioned how the current trends and fashion scene inspired us for this range. Below is a sample of one of the colour themes that inspired us for some of the pieces in the collection.

Black and White: Inspired by Posh Spice's stylish yet classic black Birkin. Kate Spade's flower petal pom-pom ring in black and white. Gucci's vintage sling handbag with it's prominent G logo. Gossip Girl inspired fashion statement neklace on Michelle Trachtenberg. Valentino's black and white print ad with a dreamy finish. And Gucci's ultra sexy model adorning the new Bamboo Top Handle Bag in plain black are some of the latest fashion that inspired our Silver Tea Leaf and Silver Dragonfly earrings.

Above: Swarovski Silver Tea Leaf Earrings [RM48]. A slender dangly earring with three Swarovski crystals in Silver Shadow seperated by diamante seperators hanging from a thin chain. A silver filligree leaf sways lazily from its end.

Above: "Don't be fooled by it's scary name, this dragonfly is really tame." A pair of large hoop earrings with two delicate dragonflies cushioned by little Swarovski crystals in Jet Black.

Email us at to find out how you can custom-make these pieces in the colours of your choice. These ready-to-wear pieces are also available at Kaleidoscope @ Publika Shopping Gallery, G3-37, Jalan Dutama 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sze Atelier Collection

It's been four months. Two babies. 1) A bun that literally popped out of the oven. And 2) Sze Accessories' little own space.

I've finally braved through my confinement month and have began to settle into motherhood. Can't help the "Oh-I-See" blinking in exclamation, a reminder of mum's broken record of, "You'll understand when you're a mother!" No wonder mother's are revered time and again. Cause, it is tough being a mum and being put in charge of such fragility causes my knees to buckle. Putting aside, over-rated, stinky poo nappy changes, it is really a whole roll-out (as far and wide as the ocean) of other changes. And I'm happy to say that I'm sailing and cruisin' (who said, smoothly?) along... well, fine?

Regarding the second duckling in tow, it is actually an expansion from our online brand Sze Accessories. We have gone on ground, with Sze Atelier and officially have a permanant spot in a concept store called Kaleidoscope at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Already dubbed the "artistic new mall" in town, this shopping complex is going to be vibrating with creative energy from all forms of the arts (when it official opens and is in full swing). Even the loo is covered in creative and artsy caricatures.

SZE ATELIER: Displayed at the store is a whole sparkly collection of Sze's own handmade designs under the Atelier Collection made with Swarovski Crystallized Elements. We have decided to work with these crystal beads as they are available in a myriad of colours, effects, shapes and sizes to play around with. They offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration. And with this, we're allowing customers to semi-custom make pieces of their choice. We design the pieces but you get to choose to have them in your favourite colour.

HANDMADE WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED ELEMENTS: And although Sze Atelier has yet to attain an ingredient branding from Swarovski (yet), rest assured that we are getting our crystals from the official Swarovski suppliers in Malaysia. Many supply stores sell Swarovski crystals and beads, but they are not directly from Swarovski Malaysia. I would be weary of them because at one glance, China made crystals can be pretty deceiving. But when looked upon closely, the distinct quality and standards of these Swarovski crystals are distinguishable. Time will also tell, as their sparkles last for years to come. Below is a sample of our design followed by inspiration from highstreet and luxury fashion that has inspired us to create them.

Above: Sze Atelier's Tassels Earrings, handmade with Swarovski Crystallized Elements in Amethyst Purple. This design can be made in a variety of colours by refering to the Swarovski Colour Chart below and by placing your order to More Swarovski designs available for viewing on our Website and Facebook.

DESIGN: Some of the designs are pretty straight forward and simple. Their classic stance allows you to invest in a piece that will take you a mile compared to the racks and racks of costume jewellery that last only for the season. These comfortable to wear pieces are meant to subtly complement the wearer and blend in with the ensemble instead of being overly flashy. Their glistering sparkle works in a quiet manner yet excudes a prominance of style.

Each piece is carefully designed after much research and inspiration from various fashion insights. The colours and designs are chosen and matched to the current fashion forecast to represent their timelyness. Below are some inspiring mood boards and the outcome after months of going through the whole motion, designing, purchasing of raw materials, mix matching and finally creating.

Above: Inspiration of this Amethyst Tassle Earrings are from Marc Jacobs flowery array of deep colours, Chanel's Byzance runway extravaganza of Eqyptian inspired robes, Christian Dior's new accessory add-ons to their classic Lady Dior and Natalie Portman's own dangly earrings she wore to the red carpet. View more of where we get our inspiration in our Facebook page under the Sze Atelier Album.
COLOUR CHOICES: The Sze Atelier collection is solely handmade (Sze Accessories is a mix of handmade and jewellery pieces that are sourced around the world). It is displayed and can be purchased at Kaleidoscope or through our Sze Accessories website at the moment. However, we will only be taking made-to-order orders, online via our website. And the great thing about it as mentioned above, is that you get to choose the colour of your liking for each particular design depending on the availability of the Swarovski crystals in that shade of your choice. Just refer to the below colour chart for the wide rainbow list of shades and you'll have no problem finding matching jewellery for your waredrobe anymore.

Above: The Swarovski Crystallized Elements colour chart to choose your choice of colours from.

To place your order, sign-in as a user on our Sze Accessories Website, look under our Atelier Collection and place your order using our easy shopping cart. Do not forget to let us know your choice of colour for the piece under the comment section. If the chosen colour is not available, we will advise you accordingly through email on the next closest available colour. You can also email us at with your choice of design and colour if going through the website is not your cuppa tea. In this case, pictures of the Sze Atelier collection can be viewed at our Sze Accessories Website or through the Sze Atelier photo album on our Facebook Page.

DELIVERY AND DURATION: It will take around 2-3 weeks (or less depending on how fast we get our crystal orders and make the designs) and we're not charging extra for this made-to-order service. The price of the piece is already inclusive of this customised service excluding the shipping rates which remains the same for Malaysia which is RM10 for 1-5 items. International shipping depends on weight and distance and will be adviced upon confirmation of the order.

If you'd like to run on down to purchase our ready-to-wear items, the address is: Kaleidoscope @ Publika Shopping Gallery, G3-37, Jalan Dutama 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sze's Baby Shower

Just thought I'd share a little something with you all since I've announced that I was expecting in a few of the previous blogs. And if you've caught on the news on my FB, you'll realise that I've already popped! It was a blessed and fast labour but now the real work of taking care of the little bud begins. Have loaded more pictures of the baby shower on our Sze Accessories Facebook so please "LIKE" our page and go on over to have a look.

Will be throwing baby's fullmoon party soon and hopefully will be able to share some more pictures with you then. Till all has settled, please bear with me if I take a little longer than usual to respond to your emails, enquries and orders. I assure you, I'm still up and "running" (although I really should be lying down for my 30 days of confinement) :P

Enjoy and be in touch!

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

Above: Sze's Baby Shower Scrapbook. Please "like" our Sze Accessories Facebook page to view more pictures.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot June 2011

Above: Hot June 2011 Issue

Above: Hot Style featuring Sze's It's a Bug's Life square ring and orange enamel gold fish earrings. Available under Sze's Bronze range.

Above: Hot featuring Sze's Ladybug in Red under our Red Collection at

Above: It's a Bug's Life available under our latest collection of Bronze pieces. This Bronze collection consist of a range of solid pieces creatively designed with a tough yet whimsical edge. Due to the nature of bronze, the antique gold finishing is polishable to bring out lustre and shine after multiple wears.

Above: Ladybird in Red available under our Red Collection.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Change in Courier Service Provider

Taking a little time to appologise to customers who have recently experienced a delay in receiving your parcels. No, it has nothing to do with me being 9 months pregnant. I have been consistently sending out the parcels on the following working day once payment has been received.

Really, I have no idea why POS MALAYSIA is such an incompetent courier service provider. My innitial praises for them and trust in their timeliness has diminished over the past few months. Parcels with correct addresses get returned to me incurring double postage on my end to re-send it out, causing a huge delay in customers receiving their goods. And parcels have been arriving later than 7-10 working days when, by right, they should arrive within 3-5 working days.

Tracking online their website has not been a walk in the park either because the system somehow lags and at times I'm unable to even Track and Trace. It also does not state in detail the delivery stages but notes down a few words like "despatch to 47400". Sorry, non-comprende! How do you expect a layman like me understand these postal code terms?

Emails to their customer service gets an automated reply that has nothing to do with my request. And a response to my actual request comes in only (many) days later with little or no responsibility taken. For instance, a recent parcel that was sent back to me, was apparently "delivered to sender on...". Having to track my Registered Post or Pos Daftar parcels is like looking for a missing needle in a hay stack.

Why bother with them in the first place? Well, innitially, I'd have to say, they did a really good job. No such thing as a missing parcel (fingers cross, so far, none have actually gone missing) and no delays. Customers never complained about not receiving the parcels within the week. And so I kept to them. But recently, Pos Malaysia has proved to disappoint big time. Even the system when posting the parcels at the Post Office is greatly flawed! Pos Malaysia has become a bill paying center with no focus on mailing services anymore. In fact, if you want to do mailing, you have to queue up with the rest of the world paying their summonses and bills, which sometimes amounts to more than an hour wait. I've writen in to their customer service pointing out the fact that there needs to be a designated counter attending to deliveries. Still, not implemented at most outlets.

So, after the ranting, I'm clearly not going to use Pos Malaysia anymore. Just in case they don't realise, there are other forms of courier services available. Yes, slightly pricier but at least I don't have to go through the headaches of such inefficiency and lackadaisical atttitude.

Moving forward, we will be using private courier service prodiver. We recently just registered with one. The good news is, for now, we will not be raising the delivery fees of RM10 for 1-5 items within Peninsular Malaysia and will advice otherwise for East Malaysia and International postings according to weight and distance. We will be commencing this service as soon as we receive our Address Bills and Sealed Plastic Envelopes.

Hopefully, you'll get your parcels pronto!

Thanks for your kind understanding and patience. I look forward to hearing from you and getting your orders soon :D Have a great weekend ahead.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot May 2011

It's great that we get summer all year round. Meaning bright colours like a burst of fuchsia and striking orange can be worn round the clock. They are by far the happiest colours second to yellow! :D Hot features some very pretty lollipop tones right here below.

Above: Hot May 2011 magazine features Sze Accessories pieces under their Hot Style section.

Above: Sze's Tangerine earrings and brass ring in bright pink fuchsia featured here. The brass ring is part of a brass collection that has yet to be posted up. But just for your info, it's a collection of enamel embedded in to hardy brass material that is solid, durable and polishable. Meaning that you can re-shine your jewellery with a polishing cloth once it dulls.

Above: Leather pleated bracelet in pink under our Pink Collection at USD14/ RM39.

Above: Pesimmon earrings under the Tangerine Collection at USD8/ RM23.

Hot April 2011

Whether its for a glam night our or just to hold your loose fitting dresses together into a svelte figure, these easy to wear belts always come in handy. Have them in multiple colours, fabrics and shapes to change a waredrobe look. Hot's been so kind as to feature a selection from Sze Accessories. Check it out below.

Above: Hot Magazine April 2011 Cover featuring Sze Accessories under it's Hot Style section.

Above: What a waist! Hot's Style Section features an array of our waist clinchers. Check them out at

Above: This Grey Weave Belt can be found under our B/W Collection at USD14/ RM39.

Friday, June 3, 2011

La Senza: Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

When asked by a friend from FJ Benjamin (who handles the La Senza brand) to be apart of her campaign, I was pretty excited as I had never officially advocated any cause before. However, the clinch was that it was for Mother's Day and I had to get mom to participate. Knowing that mom leads a very private life, there was a bit of coaxing to do, in which, she relented for a good cause in the end. The shoot was a meaningful one as I had just found out that I was expecting. Yes, I'm about to be promoted to motherhood really soon. And since it was to be published in the month of mother's day, May 2011, I thought it couldn't be more apt!

Being preggars has been most fulfilling and I count it as a huge blessing. However, work has certainly taken a backseat. It's already mid July while I'm writing this. I took these pictures in March. They were published in May. Reason being, pregnancy is no walk in the park and currently, I'm super close to my due date. I have been taking lots of rest as this is my first child. So, business has been suffering but I believe God will provide. Afterall, the reason why I quit the corporate world was for this solely, that I can personally take care of my own child when the time came. Don't MIA on me as I'm still around. I'll just be taking things a little slower and concentrating on that which is more important. In life, SOMETHING has got to give! And it's very true in many cases.

Check out a slightly plump-er version of me below with my gorgeous swelt mother. She reckons that she looks a bit matured here. I think she looks a picture of poise :D Really hope to be like her one day :D

Above: English interview with Marie Claire magazine.

Above: Chinese interview with Cittabella magazine.

Above: BM interview with Glam magazine.

This La Senza campaign focused on getting women to realise that there is a prevention for cervical cancer. Like those BCG jabs that we use to get it school, getting this vaccine against cervical cancer is simply getting three doses of jabs in a period of 6 months. It's really that simple. I had mine years ago when I first read about it in the papers. Then it cost me about RM1, 300 for those three jabs. The price however has dropped considerably and is much cheaper at the government hospitals or clinics. Apparently, they will be introducing it free to female students too. After all, why not? Prevention is better than cure.

Despite the fact that you've gotten your jab (mine was Gardasil), don't forget your yearly pap smears. The jabs don't substitute the need for these detection test. Cervical cancer is a silent killer. It's so quiet that when most find out, they are usually at their last stage. So, what are you waiting for? A little pinch of the needle can save your life, your mother's, your sister's and your friend's.

A very big "thank you" to La Senza for supporting this cause. It makes a difference to the lives that you've reached through the educational road shows and publication materials. Thank you also to Raoul for sponsoring the clothes for the shoot.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage Inspired Necklaces

Vintage Inspired

Above: A collection of slinky bronze vintage necklaces are now available at under our Brown Collection. A collection of owls, lockets, double chains and antique pendelum watches make up the choices. Light weight and easy to wear, these sourced pieces are so chic and versatile for a casual day out. Prices range from USD9/ RM25 to USD14/RM39. More designs available.

Above: Feminine magazine, April 2011 cover. We're in the midst of preparing and brainstorming on what to teach for the upcoming issues. So, if there are any designs or pieces in particular that you would like to learn how to DIY, feel free to email us at with your suggestions.

Above: Sze Accessories DIY section in Feminine's April 2011 issue teaching readers how to make an antique charm necklace. If you don't have the time to make it on your own, this piece is actually available at our website under the same collection as the vintage inspired bronze necklaces featured above.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seventeen April 2011

This issue of Seventeen Malaysia focused on lots of white flowy dresses paired with straightforward silver and gold accessories that were subtle yet somewhat edgy. I'd say that this dreamy and misty look helps us cope with the extreme heat that's been rising these pass few weeks. Taken with a forest foliage background, this earthy fashion spread reminds us to always remember the environment around us for that better future. So, re-cycle and re-use as much as you can. It makes a difference.

Above: Seventeen April 2011 Cover.

Above: Seventeen's content page for the fashion spread inside featuring Sze Accessories' pieces worn by the model.

Above: Layered coin necklace worn as bracelet Sold Out but we still have the Sea Treasures charm bracelet available that can also be layered with other silver bracelets. Check it out under our B/W Collection.

Above: Charm bracelet with lots of sea creatures Under the Sea available under our Amber Collection of simple gold pieces.

Above: This mixture of charms and collage necklace under our B/W Collection of silver pieces is a fashionable piece to own.

Above: This simple silver bangle with an edgy spunk is available under our B/W Collection.

Above: An elegant bangle of pearls available under our Amber Collection. Layer them up in multiple strands for the fashionable touch.

Classic gold and silver pieces are for keeps. They can be mixed and matched and worn again and again with other pieces to create different looks. So get a piece or two and change them around occasionally for that new look and feel.