Friday, October 14, 2011

Sze Atelier Collection

It's been four months. Two babies. 1) A bun that literally popped out of the oven. And 2) Sze Accessories' little own space.

I've finally braved through my confinement month and have began to settle into motherhood. Can't help the "Oh-I-See" blinking in exclamation, a reminder of mum's broken record of, "You'll understand when you're a mother!" No wonder mother's are revered time and again. Cause, it is tough being a mum and being put in charge of such fragility causes my knees to buckle. Putting aside, over-rated, stinky poo nappy changes, it is really a whole roll-out (as far and wide as the ocean) of other changes. And I'm happy to say that I'm sailing and cruisin' (who said, smoothly?) along... well, fine?

Regarding the second duckling in tow, it is actually an expansion from our online brand Sze Accessories. We have gone on ground, with Sze Atelier and officially have a permanant spot in a concept store called Kaleidoscope at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Already dubbed the "artistic new mall" in town, this shopping complex is going to be vibrating with creative energy from all forms of the arts (when it official opens and is in full swing). Even the loo is covered in creative and artsy caricatures.

SZE ATELIER: Displayed at the store is a whole sparkly collection of Sze's own handmade designs under the Atelier Collection made with Swarovski Crystallized Elements. We have decided to work with these crystal beads as they are available in a myriad of colours, effects, shapes and sizes to play around with. They offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration. And with this, we're allowing customers to semi-custom make pieces of their choice. We design the pieces but you get to choose to have them in your favourite colour.

HANDMADE WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED ELEMENTS: And although Sze Atelier has yet to attain an ingredient branding from Swarovski (yet), rest assured that we are getting our crystals from the official Swarovski suppliers in Malaysia. Many supply stores sell Swarovski crystals and beads, but they are not directly from Swarovski Malaysia. I would be weary of them because at one glance, China made crystals can be pretty deceiving. But when looked upon closely, the distinct quality and standards of these Swarovski crystals are distinguishable. Time will also tell, as their sparkles last for years to come. Below is a sample of our design followed by inspiration from highstreet and luxury fashion that has inspired us to create them.

Above: Sze Atelier's Tassels Earrings, handmade with Swarovski Crystallized Elements in Amethyst Purple. This design can be made in a variety of colours by refering to the Swarovski Colour Chart below and by placing your order to More Swarovski designs available for viewing on our Website and Facebook.

DESIGN: Some of the designs are pretty straight forward and simple. Their classic stance allows you to invest in a piece that will take you a mile compared to the racks and racks of costume jewellery that last only for the season. These comfortable to wear pieces are meant to subtly complement the wearer and blend in with the ensemble instead of being overly flashy. Their glistering sparkle works in a quiet manner yet excudes a prominance of style.

Each piece is carefully designed after much research and inspiration from various fashion insights. The colours and designs are chosen and matched to the current fashion forecast to represent their timelyness. Below are some inspiring mood boards and the outcome after months of going through the whole motion, designing, purchasing of raw materials, mix matching and finally creating.

Above: Inspiration of this Amethyst Tassle Earrings are from Marc Jacobs flowery array of deep colours, Chanel's Byzance runway extravaganza of Eqyptian inspired robes, Christian Dior's new accessory add-ons to their classic Lady Dior and Natalie Portman's own dangly earrings she wore to the red carpet. View more of where we get our inspiration in our Facebook page under the Sze Atelier Album.
COLOUR CHOICES: The Sze Atelier collection is solely handmade (Sze Accessories is a mix of handmade and jewellery pieces that are sourced around the world). It is displayed and can be purchased at Kaleidoscope or through our Sze Accessories website at the moment. However, we will only be taking made-to-order orders, online via our website. And the great thing about it as mentioned above, is that you get to choose the colour of your liking for each particular design depending on the availability of the Swarovski crystals in that shade of your choice. Just refer to the below colour chart for the wide rainbow list of shades and you'll have no problem finding matching jewellery for your waredrobe anymore.

Above: The Swarovski Crystallized Elements colour chart to choose your choice of colours from.

To place your order, sign-in as a user on our Sze Accessories Website, look under our Atelier Collection and place your order using our easy shopping cart. Do not forget to let us know your choice of colour for the piece under the comment section. If the chosen colour is not available, we will advise you accordingly through email on the next closest available colour. You can also email us at with your choice of design and colour if going through the website is not your cuppa tea. In this case, pictures of the Sze Atelier collection can be viewed at our Sze Accessories Website or through the Sze Atelier photo album on our Facebook Page.

DELIVERY AND DURATION: It will take around 2-3 weeks (or less depending on how fast we get our crystal orders and make the designs) and we're not charging extra for this made-to-order service. The price of the piece is already inclusive of this customised service excluding the shipping rates which remains the same for Malaysia which is RM10 for 1-5 items. International shipping depends on weight and distance and will be adviced upon confirmation of the order.

If you'd like to run on down to purchase our ready-to-wear items, the address is: Kaleidoscope @ Publika Shopping Gallery, G3-37, Jalan Dutama 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.