Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot May 2011

It's great that we get summer all year round. Meaning bright colours like a burst of fuchsia and striking orange can be worn round the clock. They are by far the happiest colours second to yellow! :D Hot features some very pretty lollipop tones right here below.

Above: Hot May 2011 magazine features Sze Accessories pieces under their Hot Style section.

Above: Sze's Tangerine earrings and brass ring in bright pink fuchsia featured here. The brass ring is part of a brass collection that has yet to be posted up. But just for your info, it's a collection of enamel embedded in to hardy brass material that is solid, durable and polishable. Meaning that you can re-shine your jewellery with a polishing cloth once it dulls.

Above: Leather pleated bracelet in pink under our Pink Collection at USD14/ RM39.

Above: Pesimmon earrings under the Tangerine Collection at USD8/ RM23.