Friday, July 22, 2011

Change in Courier Service Provider

Taking a little time to appologise to customers who have recently experienced a delay in receiving your parcels. No, it has nothing to do with me being 9 months pregnant. I have been consistently sending out the parcels on the following working day once payment has been received.

Really, I have no idea why POS MALAYSIA is such an incompetent courier service provider. My innitial praises for them and trust in their timeliness has diminished over the past few months. Parcels with correct addresses get returned to me incurring double postage on my end to re-send it out, causing a huge delay in customers receiving their goods. And parcels have been arriving later than 7-10 working days when, by right, they should arrive within 3-5 working days.

Tracking online their website has not been a walk in the park either because the system somehow lags and at times I'm unable to even Track and Trace. It also does not state in detail the delivery stages but notes down a few words like "despatch to 47400". Sorry, non-comprende! How do you expect a layman like me understand these postal code terms?

Emails to their customer service gets an automated reply that has nothing to do with my request. And a response to my actual request comes in only (many) days later with little or no responsibility taken. For instance, a recent parcel that was sent back to me, was apparently "delivered to sender on...". Having to track my Registered Post or Pos Daftar parcels is like looking for a missing needle in a hay stack.

Why bother with them in the first place? Well, innitially, I'd have to say, they did a really good job. No such thing as a missing parcel (fingers cross, so far, none have actually gone missing) and no delays. Customers never complained about not receiving the parcels within the week. And so I kept to them. But recently, Pos Malaysia has proved to disappoint big time. Even the system when posting the parcels at the Post Office is greatly flawed! Pos Malaysia has become a bill paying center with no focus on mailing services anymore. In fact, if you want to do mailing, you have to queue up with the rest of the world paying their summonses and bills, which sometimes amounts to more than an hour wait. I've writen in to their customer service pointing out the fact that there needs to be a designated counter attending to deliveries. Still, not implemented at most outlets.

So, after the ranting, I'm clearly not going to use Pos Malaysia anymore. Just in case they don't realise, there are other forms of courier services available. Yes, slightly pricier but at least I don't have to go through the headaches of such inefficiency and lackadaisical atttitude.

Moving forward, we will be using private courier service prodiver. We recently just registered with one. The good news is, for now, we will not be raising the delivery fees of RM10 for 1-5 items within Peninsular Malaysia and will advice otherwise for East Malaysia and International postings according to weight and distance. We will be commencing this service as soon as we receive our Address Bills and Sealed Plastic Envelopes.

Hopefully, you'll get your parcels pronto!

Thanks for your kind understanding and patience. I look forward to hearing from you and getting your orders soon :D Have a great weekend ahead.