Friday, June 3, 2011

La Senza: Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

When asked by a friend from FJ Benjamin (who handles the La Senza brand) to be apart of her campaign, I was pretty excited as I had never officially advocated any cause before. However, the clinch was that it was for Mother's Day and I had to get mom to participate. Knowing that mom leads a very private life, there was a bit of coaxing to do, in which, she relented for a good cause in the end. The shoot was a meaningful one as I had just found out that I was expecting. Yes, I'm about to be promoted to motherhood really soon. And since it was to be published in the month of mother's day, May 2011, I thought it couldn't be more apt!

Being preggars has been most fulfilling and I count it as a huge blessing. However, work has certainly taken a backseat. It's already mid July while I'm writing this. I took these pictures in March. They were published in May. Reason being, pregnancy is no walk in the park and currently, I'm super close to my due date. I have been taking lots of rest as this is my first child. So, business has been suffering but I believe God will provide. Afterall, the reason why I quit the corporate world was for this solely, that I can personally take care of my own child when the time came. Don't MIA on me as I'm still around. I'll just be taking things a little slower and concentrating on that which is more important. In life, SOMETHING has got to give! And it's very true in many cases.

Check out a slightly plump-er version of me below with my gorgeous swelt mother. She reckons that she looks a bit matured here. I think she looks a picture of poise :D Really hope to be like her one day :D

Above: English interview with Marie Claire magazine.

Above: Chinese interview with Cittabella magazine.

Above: BM interview with Glam magazine.

This La Senza campaign focused on getting women to realise that there is a prevention for cervical cancer. Like those BCG jabs that we use to get it school, getting this vaccine against cervical cancer is simply getting three doses of jabs in a period of 6 months. It's really that simple. I had mine years ago when I first read about it in the papers. Then it cost me about RM1, 300 for those three jabs. The price however has dropped considerably and is much cheaper at the government hospitals or clinics. Apparently, they will be introducing it free to female students too. After all, why not? Prevention is better than cure.

Despite the fact that you've gotten your jab (mine was Gardasil), don't forget your yearly pap smears. The jabs don't substitute the need for these detection test. Cervical cancer is a silent killer. It's so quiet that when most find out, they are usually at their last stage. So, what are you waiting for? A little pinch of the needle can save your life, your mother's, your sister's and your friend's.

A very big "thank you" to La Senza for supporting this cause. It makes a difference to the lives that you've reached through the educational road shows and publication materials. Thank you also to Raoul for sponsoring the clothes for the shoot.