Friday, September 28, 2012

Overdue Update!

Hello! You must be wondering why we've been so quiet. So, here's me, dropping a note after I've been in the hum-dum since Feb 2012. Baby is finally one-over which means more freedom for mummy to tote-r overseas for her sourcing galore. It feels like ages since I've done this but I can't deny that it feels really good! Just like my husband's sense of freedom on the greens while golfing on the weekends (when I allow him too). *winks*

Kaleidoscope, Publika
That saying, we have not been entirely out-of-business. We had our corner in Kaleidoscope, Publika which we are giving up by the end of October 2012 to focus on "other businesses" (will get back to this in a later update). For the month of October,  I've mentioned to the owner to do a Clearance of our stocks- 50% off.

Online Zalora
On the other hand, Sze Accessories was also available at Zalora.Com with pretty encouraging sales numbers from one month to another. And hence, we'll be continuing our online sales there. For online shopping enthusiast who have not been able to shop on our official website, head over to Zalora weekly as our stocks run out like hot cakes. In fact, we just sent over some new stocks that should be up by next week.

Above: Sze Accessories' Gold Collar Necklace that was available on Zalora, featured in Malaysian Women's Weekly, September 2012 issue.

Little Chamber and Reebonz
Again, because I have more time on my hands (or off my hands) we've also reverted to consigning to Little Chamber and Reebonz in Kota Damansara on the "Lui Yan Kai" (translated to Women's Shopping Lane) row of shops. Yes, there are that many popular boutiques there now, making them deserving of the title. This form of consignment gives you an option to see the goods for yourself.

Tomorrow will be my first sourcing trip overseas since baby came about. Both a bit excited and uncertain about what I will find. I sure hope it won't be disappointing. And this is primarily what I wanted to brief you about. I'll be loading pre-order stocks on our Facebook Album so that you can let me know if any of the pieces interest you. For that, I'll be giving away 30% on all pre-ordered items. But it will be for ONE DAY ONLY. I'll load the pictures by Sunday 20th Sept and you'll have to PM (Private Message) me on FB with your list of items that day itself. You can also e-mail me at cc: Delivery stands at RM10 for 1-5 items but for any purchase more than RM100, delivery is FOC.

Media Highlights
Here's a feature of baby and I. It's was for their Mother's Day issue in May 2012 but I thought that some of you might not be on our Facebook page and might not have seen it. A little glimpse of my other life as a mother. She walks now. Can't wait till she talks!

Above: Style Magazine features my precious little girl and I. She has truly grown and is not "that" tiny anymore. She's pulling my heart strings with her utters of "ma-ma" but has doubled her mess and mischief.

I really can't wait to hear from some of you. I've totally missed some regulars that use to e-mail me on a monthly basis. If you have found some other love, I'm a firm believer of the Prodigal's Son. So, please write-in to even if it's to say hi. But do cc me at because I heard that our mailbox is on strike.

Till then have a great weekend ahead. I can't wait! :DDD