Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seventeen April 2011

This issue of Seventeen Malaysia focused on lots of white flowy dresses paired with straightforward silver and gold accessories that were subtle yet somewhat edgy. I'd say that this dreamy and misty look helps us cope with the extreme heat that's been rising these pass few weeks. Taken with a forest foliage background, this earthy fashion spread reminds us to always remember the environment around us for that better future. So, re-cycle and re-use as much as you can. It makes a difference.

Above: Seventeen April 2011 Cover.

Above: Seventeen's content page for the fashion spread inside featuring Sze Accessories' pieces worn by the model.

Above: Layered coin necklace worn as bracelet Sold Out but we still have the Sea Treasures charm bracelet available that can also be layered with other silver bracelets. Check it out under our B/W Collection.

Above: Charm bracelet with lots of sea creatures Under the Sea available under our Amber Collection of simple gold pieces.

Above: This mixture of charms and collage necklace under our B/W Collection of silver pieces is a fashionable piece to own.

Above: This simple silver bangle with an edgy spunk is available under our B/W Collection.

Above: An elegant bangle of pearls available under our Amber Collection. Layer them up in multiple strands for the fashionable touch.

Classic gold and silver pieces are for keeps. They can be mixed and matched and worn again and again with other pieces to create different looks. So get a piece or two and change them around occasionally for that new look and feel.